Kairi FM ライブストリーム

Kairi FM

Kairi FM started broadcasting on November 14 1994 on Old Street in the capital city of Roseau on two frequencies of 107.9 and 93.1 Three years later the station moved to a bigger building in the city as the first building had become too small and business continued to grow rapidly within the organization. The business was operated by shareholders from 1994 to 2000. In 2001 the main shareholder, former US police officer and current businessman Frankie Bellot bought over the entire company and then moved to his personal property on Independence Street from where the business now operates on the assigned frequencies of 107.9, 93.1, 91.1 and 88.7 FM. Kairi FMは ドミニカ国の放送ラジオ局です、ポップ ミュージック形式で放送

Kairi FM
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GTM Radio GTM Radio

Located in the land of many rivers, rain forests, mountains, and where it is beautiful 365 days every year, we GTM Radioは ドミニカ国の放送ラジオ局です、トークラジオ / 地元の音楽 / バラエティー音楽形式で放送

Voice of Life Radio Voice of Life Radio

Gospel Broadcasting Radio Station located on the Eastern Caribbean island of Dominica. 100% listener supported. Voice of Life Radioは ドミニカ国の放送ラジオ局です、トークラジオ / ゴスペル形式で放送

Vibes Radio Vibes Radio

Welcome to Vibes Radio. Where the Caribbean Comes to be Entertained! Vibes Radioは ドミニカ国の放送ラジオ局です、トップ40 / ポップ ミュージック形式で放送

TDN Radio TDN Radio

TDN Radio is a Caribbean- focused online radio, promoting our Caribbean/African music and events. We bring West Indian TDN Radioは ドミニカ国の放送ラジオ局です、アフリカ音楽 / バラエティー音楽形式で放送

DBS Radio DBS Radio

D.B.S. Radio, as the station is popularly known, evolved from the Windward Islands Broadcasting Service (WIBS) to Radio DBS Radioは ドミニカ国の放送ラジオ局です、トークラジオ / ヒット曲形式で放送

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