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TRQL Radio

TRQL Radio is a webradio and a webradio ONLY! As a matter of fact, the future for the radio is the Web, and possibly new IP protocols. All the rest is just rambling (DAB, DAB+, …). And this makes us VERY ANGRY when we hear national radios spending public money inconsiderately chasing chimeras ! TRQL Radio is about computer code and computer code ONLY! Software eats the world and radios that havent understood this basic fact wont be able to survive! We predict their fallout within 5 years, were grieved to say! As a matter of fact, we have changed the way Radio shows are created. Yes, we knew how to do it the classic way (weve been in the radio industry for a while), but we have decided to be innovative to the max. There was simply no software solution out there that could help us. Therfore, we have created ALL our code ourselves, which permits to implement what we feel should be implemented. TRQL Radio z Belgia, nadawany w formacie Jazz / Blues / Rock / Soul

TRQL Radio
TRQL Radio
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