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WCVG - 1320 AM

WCVG (1320 AM, "The Voice") is a licensed radio station for Covington, Kentucky, and serves the Cincinnati, Ohio market. WCVG operates at 500 watts during the day and 430 watts at night from its tower behind the Latonia Shopping Center in Covington. The WCVG daytime signal is directional and resembles a "figure 8" pattern covering the Cincinnati market within the I-275 loop. WCVG's nightly pattern points south and west and does not cover much of Ohio's market share. Northern Kentucky counties still have a night signal that can be heard. WCVG - 1320 AM는 미국 의 방송 라디오 방송국입니다, 복음성가 형식으로 방송

WCVG - 1320 AM
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