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WDTR - Smile 89.1 FM

WDTR is a non-commercial Christian FM radio station licensed for Imlay City, Michigan. It belongs to Michigan Community Radio, which in turn belongs to Jennifer and Edward Czelada. The station is part of the Smile FM network of contemporary Christian music stations. The station was broadcast on December 18, 2000 with the call sign WHYT. It was the flagship of the Czelada's planned Joy FM network. In June 2004, the two networks of Jennifer and Edward Czelada, The Light and Joy-FM, were merged into Smile FM. In August 2004, the transmitter switched with its sister station the phone numbers to 88.1. The new WHYT remained in the Smile FM network, while the older station switched to a traditional Christian music format and called itself Classic Christian Radio International. WDTR - Smile 89.1 FM는 미국 의 방송 라디오 방송국입니다, 기독교 음악 형식으로 방송

WDTR - Smile 89.1 FM
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