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WDTP - Smile 89.5 FM

WDTP (89.5 FM) is a religious radio station authorized in Huron Charter Township, Michigan, United States. The station is owned by Smile FM. It came into operation on 3 May 2011. The programming comes from the WLGH flagship station in Lansing and WHYT in Imlay City. Its signal is heard as far west as Ann Arbor, east of Kingsville, Ontario, south of Temperance and as far north as Livonia. On 31 August 2012 the WDTP was granted a US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) construction permit to move to 90.1 MHz and increase the effective radiated power to 50,000 watts. When finished, the coverage area should include WDTP - Smile 89.5 FM는 미국 의 방송 라디오 방송국입니다, 기독교 음악 형식으로 방송

WDTP - Smile 89.5 FM
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