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Refuge Radio

WJRF (89.5 FM) is a radio station in Duluth, Minnesota. The station currently simulates the contemporary Christian KDNW. Historically, it was its own station and the hub of a regional Christian network prior to its donation to Northwestern Media in 2019. The WJRF license was authorized in 1982 as WNCB. It was owned by North-Central Christian Broadcasting. The WNCB went from 89.1 to 89.3 MHz in 1992 and to 89.5 in 2002. In the early 1990s, it began building a network of translators, including a brief adventure in the Twin Cities that was forced to abandon a full transfer . power plant. Shortly after the transition to 89.5, the radio-center-north-western transmission was renamed Refuge Media Group. WJRF invitation letters were adopted in 2004. In early 2010, numerous refugee translators were sold to commercial broadcasters to retransmit AM stations. Refuge Radio egy sugárzott rádióállomás USA, Keresztény zene / Rock formátumban sugárzott

Refuge Radio
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