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1.FM - 50s and 60s 1.FM - 50s and 60s

Beautiful melodies from the 50s and 60s reunited here on radio 1.FM 1.FM - 50s and 60s, Sveitsi, lähetetty muodossa Variety

1.FM - Absolute 70's Pop 1.FM - Absolute 70's Pop

1.FM's non-stop variety programming filled with all sorts of 70's sweets, from Disco through Rock & Roll to 1.FM - Absolute 70's Pop, Sveitsi, lähetetty muodossa 70-luku

1.FM - Absolute 90's 1.FM - Absolute 90's

Absolute 90s radio is a time machine ride to the heyday of grunge, euro-dance, hip-hop and dance music. 1.FM - Absolute 90's, Sveitsi, lähetetty muodossa 90-luku

1.FM - Absolute 90s Party Zone 1.FM - Absolute 90s Party Zone

1.FM - Absolute 90s Party Zone, Sveitsi, lähetetty muodossa 90-luku / Popmusiikki

1.FM - Absolute Top 40 1.FM - Absolute Top 40

Absolute Top 40 airs the biggest, most current song releases without excluding top hits from recent times. 1.FM - Absolute Top 40, Sveitsi, lähetetty muodossa Popmusiikki / Top 40

1.FM - Absolute Trance (Euro) Radio 1.FM - Absolute Trance (Euro) Radio

1.FM’s Absolute Trance focuses on full-on, melodic Trance and Progressive from Europe and around the world. 1.FM - Absolute Trance (Euro) Radio, Sveitsi, lähetetty muodossa Trance

1.FM - Absolutely Country Hits 1.FM - Absolutely Country Hits

1.FM Absolute Country focuses on 5th, 6th and 7th generation Country (from the 90s on) but often delves into classic, 1.FM - Absolutely Country Hits, Sveitsi, lähetetty muodossa Country

1.FM - Acappella 1.FM - Acappella

1.FM’s acappella channel is dedicated to the human voices, in all its marvelous shapes and forms. 1.FM - Acappella, Sveitsi, lähetetty muodossa Gospel

1.FM - Adore Jazz 1.FM - Adore Jazz

Adore Jazz makes listeners relax, feel, think and smile through listening to the finest vocal jazz. 1.FM - Adore Jazz, Sveitsi, lähetetty muodossa Jazz

1.FM - Adult Urban Hits Choice 1.FM - Adult Urban Hits Choice

1.FM - Adult Urban Hits Choice, Sveitsi, lähetetty muodossa Urban / Popmusiikki

1.FM - Afterbeat Electronica 1.FM - Afterbeat Electronica

The new Afterbeat Electronica caters to deep Nu-disco and original Post-disco fans, focusing on the juxtaposition of 1.FM - Afterbeat Electronica, Sveitsi, lähetetty muodossa Elektro

1.FM - All Euro 80's Radio 1.FM - All Euro 80's Radio

1.FM's All Euro 80s dives deep into the days of euro-pop-mania, fully equipped with shiny synthesizers and high-NRG 1.FM - All Euro 80's Radio, Sveitsi, lähetetty muodossa 80-luku / 90-luku

1.FM - All Times & Urban Gospel 1.FM - All Times & Urban Gospel

1.FM’s Gospel - From choirs to singers and gospel rappers, we are 24 hour/365 days a year Urban Gospel Music! 1.FM - All Times & Urban Gospel, Sveitsi, lähetetty muodossa Hengellinen musiikki / Gospel

1.FM - Alternative Rock X Hits 1.FM - Alternative Rock X Hits

Rock n Roll will never die - the past decade shows this with a string of new artists and sub-genres from around the 1.FM - Alternative Rock X Hits, Sveitsi, lähetetty muodossa Vaihtoehtorock / Rock

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