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Harvest FM Harvest FM

Proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ and building those who accept Christ as savior to grow in grace, in Harvest FM, Lesotho, lähetetty muodossa Hengellinen musiikki

LM Radio 104 FM LM Radio 104 FM

The LM Radio project started in August 2005 with Chris Turner’s dream to bring high quality music radio back to LM Radio 104 FM, Lesotho, lähetetty muodossa Popmusiikki


People’s Choice Radio Networks, broadcasting as People’s Choice Radio, but commonly known as P.C. FM, was established PC FM, Lesotho, lähetetty muodossa Uutiset

Retsmaloi 24/7 Talk And Music Retsmaloi 24/7 Talk And Music

Currrent affairs radio station based in LESOTHO broadcasting news on the political situation in LESOTHO and music. Retsmaloi 24/7 Talk And Music, Lesotho, lähetetty muodossa Talk Radio

Ts'enolo FM Ts'enolo FM

The station presently covers the lowlands of Lesotho, as well as some highland areas and parts of the Free State- Ts'enolo FM, Lesotho, lähetetty muodossa Talk Radio

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