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Radio Malhouniates - إذاعة الملحونيات Kuuntele live

Radio Malhouniates - إذاعة الملحونيات
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  • Paikallista musiikkia

Moroccan artists hailing from old medinas conferred upon art a double legitimacy: Handmade art that gives birth to exceptional items and objects and the Art of words that brought to life a corpus which constitutes the essence of Malhoun. We might refer to this as “the composed”, though every piece of music is a composition in itself. But maybe here we are talking about music that is made up of daily words. These words are neither scholarly nor learned. Yet, they exude a confusing dialect simplicity. They deal with almost every aspect of life: Love, women, nature, jewels, spring, gastronomy, sufferings, happiness, faith, etc. Everything is weighed through the balance of pleasures and delights; it is a world marked by openness, curiosity, tolerance, and above all singularity. Meknès, Salé, Fès, Marrakech, Algiers, Tlemcen, etc. All these cities still reverberate with this music of brotherhood and loveRadio Malhouniates - إذاعة الملحونيات, Marokko, lähetetty muodossa Paikallista musiikkia

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