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Radio Hassanie - إذاعة الطرب الحساني Kuuntele live

Radio Hassanie - إذاعة الطرب الحساني
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Nomadism and orality give birth to an evanescent art. This sublime and profound art, that is barely recorded, makes of memory its kingdom. Hassanie poetry rose to prominence for ages now and its musical interpretation followed in the footsteps of developments, peregrinations and influences in order to come out as a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Everything that touches the human soul is said and overdetermined by a nature which is both founding and reluctant. The desert is a far-flung space endowed with its own codes, laws and inevitable fate. An immensity that almost links two oceans bewilders the mind by its diversity and unity. When listening, all these combinations give way to a crystal-clear meaning.Radio Hassanie - إذاعة الطرب الحساني, Marokko, lähetetty muodossa Itämainen musiikki

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