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WDEK - 1170 The Deck

WDEK is a licensed radio station in Lexington, South Carolina, which broadcasts an Urban Oldies format targeting Columbia under the name "Jammin 'Hits 97.9 & 1170". The station is authorized by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to broadcast on 1170 AM kHz with a power level of 10 kW during the day and 2.5 kW during critical hours of operation. Both signals are non-directional. According to, the station is now off the air. WDEK went back on October 15, 2014. WDEK - 1170 The Deck, Yhdysvallat, lähetetty muodossa Oldies

WDEK - 1170 The Deck
WDEK - 1170 The Deck
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