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WHBO - Sports Talk Florida 1040 AM

WHBO (1040 kHz) is an authorized commercial AM radio station in Pinellas Park, Florida, serving the Tampa Bay area. The station currently belongs to Genesis Communications and broadcasts a sports radio format, under the brand name "Sports Talk Florida". Much of the programming comes from Fox Sports Radio with added content from NBC Sports Radio and CBS Sports Radio. WHBO is powered at 3,600 non-directional watts per day. But as AM 1040 is a clear channel frequency reserved for WHO Des Moines, WHBO must reduce power at night and switch to a directional antenna. Its nighttime power is currently 420 watts, but it has a building permit from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to increase nighttime power to 700 watts. WHBO - Sports Talk Florida 1040 AM, Yhdysvallat, lähetetty muodossa Urheilu / Variety

WHBO - Sports Talk Florida 1040 AM
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